YouTube TV multi-view feature will be released for all users. The new function of YouTube, now users will be able to see 4 different contents on one screen money moguls

Photo: Courtesy photo-IANS Now users will be able to see four different contents at the same time.

Youtube Multi View Feature: Video sharing platform YouTube has announced that it is rolling out the new ‘Multiview’ feature of its TV streaming service to all users that will allow subscribers to watch up to four different shows at the same time. “Whoa! We’re listening! We’re launching multi-view streams for all users for the rest of the tournament,” the company tweeted from its YouTube TV account.

“The company told us that we were testing this feature and we also did not expect that we could release it so soon for users. But now please be patient for a few days and users will be able to see the same screen very soon. You will be able to enjoy multi-view.

Commenting on the announcement, one user asked, “Is there any chance it will ever be more than two screens? I’ve only seen this since yesterday.” To this, the company responded: “Since this is a pilot feature, we are still looking for the best configuration.

Depending on when the game starts and ends, you can watch 2-4 streams at a time.” Earlier this week, the company announced the ‘Multiview’ feature and said early access to Multiview will start next year to everyone. YouTube TV members in a few months.

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