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Why is the height of a train station measured from sea level? The reason behind this is very interesting, but no one knows. money moguls



Information related to the height of the train station above sea level is not available to passengers.
This important information is for the locomotive driver and train guard.
The speed of the train is determined with the help of the height above sea level.

New Delhi. Crores of people travel on Indian Railways daily but very few passengers understand the rules and regulations related to the railways. What is the difference between junction, terminal and central, why is X written behind the last train car, why are sharp stones placed on the railway tracks? There are many such questions that most people are not aware of. In this episode, the question arises that after the name of the station engraved on the board of the railway platform, why is its height above sea level written below?

Have you thought about what the information about the height of the station above sea level on the dashboard of the train station is for? Is this information really necessary for the passengers or is there some other reason behind it? If you don’t know about this, then understand it well.

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What is mean sea level?
At each train station there is a large yellow sign at the beginning and end of the platform, on which the name of the station and its height above sea level are written. Each passenger reads it while riding the train. Before we know why this information is given, before that, let’s understand what is the height above sea level. In English, it is called Mean Sea Level, there is a similar sea level all over the world, so the sea level is considered as the base to measure the altitude, that is, the height accurately.

Connection of the speed of the train with the height of the sea level
Let us tell you that the information related to the height of the train station above sea level is not for the passengers but for the engineer and guard of the train. In fact, this helps them make decisions related to increasing or decreasing the speed of the train.

With the help of this information, the train driver can easily decide how much power he will have to give the locomotive to climb such a steep climb. On the other hand, when going downhill, the driver knows how much friction to apply and what speed to maintain. That is why in all seasons the ‘height above sea level’ is used.

Apart from this, this information written on the board of the railway station is important because when the railway stations were being built in India, the information about height above sea level was useful for building railway stations and laying rail lines. railway. Floods and high tide can be avoided by building on this foundation.

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