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Where is the widest expressway in the country, not 6-8, there are 14 lanes, you can even travel by bicycle money moguls



The journey to Haridwar and Dehradun has also become easier through this highway.
The 2.5 hour journey from Delhi to Meerut was completed in just 45 minutes.
Automatic license plate reading technology was used for the first time.

New Delhi. At present, the work of making express roads is progressing rapidly in the country. The longest expressway in the country is being built between Delhi and Mumbai. But do you know where the widest highway in the country is? The Delhi-Meerut expressway is the widest expressway in the country. It has a total of 14 lanes. It has 6 fast lanes that are in the middle and 4-4 local lanes on both sides, whose job is to serve local traffic.

This project was approved in 2006 and will be fully ready in 2021. Before it took 2.5 hours to reach Meerut from Delhi, after the construction of this highway, this time has been reduced to 45 minutes. In Delhi, this expressway starts near Nizamuddin. With the help of this highway, the journey from Delhi to Haridwar and Dehradun can also be completed very smoothly and in less time.

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what are their characteristics
There is no sign on this highway. On both sides vertical gardens have been developed. There are memorial symbols of Qutub Minar and Ashoka Pillar on it. Bicycles can also be taken on this as both 2.5 meter and 2.5 meter cycle lanes have been given. The lights installed on this highway are illuminated by solar energy, which saves a lot of electricity. In it, 10 emergency call booths have been installed and the control room will arrive 10 minutes after receiving the message.

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There are 24 minor and major bridges, 10 overpasses, 3 railway bridges, 95 underpasses and 15 underground pedestrian crossings on the expressway. It has been equipped with CCTV cameras. Due to its passage through the center of the city, 4,500 luminaires have been installed for an adequate arrangement of lights in it. This is the first motorway or dual carriageway in the country in which automatic license plate reading technology is used. That is, vehicles do not need to stop here to pay the toll.

built in 4 phases
The Delhi-Meerut Expressway built at a cost of Rs 8346 crore was built in four phases. Its total length is 82 kilometers. Of these, 60 km are highways and 20 km highways. Its first phase is from Nizamuddin to UP Gate, second phase from UP Gate to Dasna, third phase from Dasna to Hapur and fourth phase from Dasna to Meerut.

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