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VIDEO: Man drives MG Hector on railway platform for stunt, police chase him money moguls


New Delhi. In the country, again and again people are seen doing stunts in public places to collect some likes, shares and comments on their reels and photos. Now, in a new case, a man drove his MG Hector SUV onto a railway platform where the general public was sitting and sleeping on benches and floors. The video of this act went viral after being shared on Facebook.

The car seen in the video is believed to belong to someone close to a female minister from Uttar Pradesh. According to press reports and videos, MG Hector’s registration number was UP-80FJ0079. The Facebook account from which the video was shared in the name of Brahmjeet Singh Kardam had also shared another video showing him traveling with the minister. convoy. So far, the person behind the wheel has not been identified, but police officers said they are tracking him. However, the owner of the car has been identified as Sunil, a resident of Ramnagar Jagdishpura.

agra cantt station incident

It has been reported that the Railways have ordered an investigation into the whole matter. GRP-RPF also said that this is a very delicate matter and that it is being dealt with as quickly as possible. The entire incident took place at Agra’s Cantt railway station. The officials said in their preliminary investigation that the person in the car must have come with the minister and somehow made it to the station in his car.

police investigating the case

Commenting on the situation, Prashasti Srivastava, PRO, Agra Railway Division, said: “It is investigating which RPF personnel were on duty at the time of the incident. Strict measures will be taken in this regard. On the other hand, SP GRP Mohammad Mushtaq says that how it got on the platform is being investigated. Action will be taken against the culprit.”

Agra Cantt railway station is an A rated railway station and it is very difficult to get down to its platform by car. The station is said to be very cautious about its security. However, the incident occurred despite RPF and GRP personnel being present on the platform 24/7. In the video the man can be seen driving the car on the platform and he is seen turning around on the platform and a large number of people are staring at him. Some people are seen sleeping on the platform. It is fortunate that no accidents occurred.

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