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Vehicles are available at very low cost before April, discounts are available on cars, you won’t have that opportunity! money moguls



Hyundai also offers cash discounts on its cars.
The exchange bonus and the corporate discount will also be available.
The discount will be available on CNG and gasoline models.

Car discounts: The 2023-24 fiscal year will begin in the country from April, that is, next month. BS6 Phase-II in India from April. The vehicles will come. Due to some changes to the engine and safety features, the vehicles will be a bit expensive. However, in March before April, you have a good chance to buy a car at a low price. Hyundai, the country’s second-largest auto company, offers deep discounts on its cars. This discount offer is only for the month of March.

Many models are included in this Hyundai discount offer and you can also take advantage of cash discounts, trade-in offers and corporate discounts. These models only include the Grand i10 Nios (CNG and gasoline), Aura and the i20, although Hyundai does not offer any discounts on its most popular SUVs.

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hyundai aura
The first car Hyundai offers a discount on is the Aura. All customers with Aura CNG versions get Rs 20,000 as fixed cash discount, Rs 10,000 as trade-in bonus for their old car and Rs 3,000 as corporate discount. Overall, Aura gets a discount of 33,000. All other petrol variants also get the same trade-in bonus and corporate discount, except that the fixed cash discount is just INR 20,000 for all customers. Thus, the total profit comes down to Rs.23,000 only.

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grand i10 kids
The i10 Nios is the second hatchback to receive a discount. The Magna variant with manual transmission is offered with a cash discount of Rs 25,000, a cash bonus of Rs 10,000 and a corporate discount of Rs 3,000. All GNC models also get a trade-in bonus and corporate discount, but the discount for cash payment is Rs 15,000, bringing the total discount to Rs 28,000. The Sportz and Asta variants get the lowest cash discount of Rs 10,000.

hyundai i20
Last comes the i20 car, which is being given a discount. The cash discount is up to Rs 10,000, while the additional exchange bonus is also Rs 10,000, bringing the total discount to Rs 20,000. These available discounts and deals make buying a Hyundai car easier and more affordable. If you’re looking to buy a car from the Korean automaker, check with the dealer about deals.

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