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Top 5 Android Smartphone Mistakes by Android Users if you ignore personal data may leak. Android Users Should Not Make These 5 Mistakes, Even By Mistake Personal Bank Account Details Can Be Leaked money moguls


Photo: File photo Many times, due to our mistakes, the risk of smartphone data leakage increases.

Android user never make this 5 big mistake: In the world of smartphones, we can see smartphones with two types of operating systems. One Android and the other iOS based smartphone. Most people only use Android smartphones, because Apple iOS smartphones are very expensive. In Android smartphone, we have more features as compared to iOS. Android smartphones are available at a low price, but they have a big problem: the risk of leaking personal data from them is very high. Hackers can hack Android smartphones very easily and viruses can be easily installed on them as well. However, if we take care of a few things, we can prevent data from leaking from our phone.

It is often seen that most of our fault is behind phone data leak. We use the phone carelessly and visit various websites without thinking, which increases the risk of personal data leakage. If you are also an Android smartphone user, then you should avoid making some mistakes so that you can prevent your phone from being hacked.

Bypass third party lock screen

Often people use third party app lock screen to make their smartphone more secure. It’s still riskier for your phone. There is a danger of stealing the phone data from such an application. To lock the phone, only those applications that are pre-installed should be used.

Don’t use public Wi-Fi

Everybody wants free internet service and in this matter many people start to use public Wi-Fi in train stations, bus stops, hotels etc. Free internet is available from public Wi-Fi, but it’s a huge security risk. Many times hackers also steal your smartphone data from this medium as well.

Do not update installed applications

It is very important to update the apps installed on your phone from time to time. If you have not used any application for a long time and it is not needed, delete it from your phone. These old apps work to steal data.

set data usage limit

Android phone users need to set the data limit on their phones. There are many advantages of this. At present, it does not take time to finish the data plan, in such a situation, if you set the data limit, then the whole plan will not finish at once and you can use your own data only if necessary.

Be careful when installing apps

Never install any app on a smartphone from a source whose source is not credible. The risk of leaking app banking-related data from third-party sources is multiplied. Third party apps can install viruses on your phone. Use the Google Play Store only to download or install apps.

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