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Today’s woman is heavy for everyone! Some earn thousand rupees selling samosas, while others earn money from golgappas. The history of these girls is interesting. money moguls


New Delhi. Today’s woman is willing to move on instead of walking one step at a time with everyone. While on the one hand, women have become self-sufficient, on the other hand, they are not lagging behind in raising their flag both at home and abroad. Today in this episode we are going to talk about some of those girls who have earned lakhs by setting up business on their own. Some sell panipuri after doing B.Tech, while others sell panipuri after leaving their job at a dental clinic. So let’s read such an interesting story…

There are many such professions and businesses, which are very common, but when they are run by a woman or a girl, then it seems surprising to people. However, now women are also venturing into those areas, which used to be called only men’s work. Now think for yourself, have you ever seen a girl setting up a food stall or running a tea stall, but today this trend has started?

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1.Poona: Poonam, who lives in Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab, quit her job at a dental clinic to complete her studies and opened a pani puri stall in Mohali for a part-time job, selling golgappas in the afternoons and studying in the mornings. . Poonam says that when she set up a card stand, people looked at her strangely that this girl seems to be from a good family, so why does she sell golgappas? But little by little, Poonam won everyone’s hearts with her excellent taste and style to sell Golgappas and now she is becoming famous as Golgappa Wali Didi.

2. Tapasi Upadhyay: Taapsee Upadhyay started her own pani puri position after graduating as a B.Tech Engineer. This 21-year-old girl roams West Delhi and sells her Pani Puri to people. She most of the time she rides her stall near Tilak Nagar metro station. Taapsee aims to serve healthy Indian street food to the public. In the clip, she showed off her fried pani puri, homemade spiced water, and a chutney made from tamarind, dates, and brown sugar.

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3. Jyoti Tiwari: Jyoti of Gorakhpur is the chaat queen of Lucknow. Jyoti Tiwari has also started a similar trend. Jyoti, a resident of Gorakhpur, is 22 years old. She studied for a bachelor’s degree in Gorakhpur and then moved to Lucknow for a private job. He worked in the private sector for 2 years but was not satisfied with the job. He then borrowed 9 lakhs from his friends and started his new business under the name of Purvanchal Special Fast Food. People are now very fond of Purvanchal Chaat in their special Purvanchal fast food.

4.Nidhi Singh: Nidhi was married to Shikhar Veer Singh five years ago. Nidhi was working in Gurugram before Bangalore on a package of Rs 30 lakhs. But Nidhi wasn’t getting peace from her work somewhere. She was thinking of starting something of her own. In such a situation, she left this job to fulfill her dream. She quit her job in 2015 and opened Samosa Singh in Bangalore in 2016 with her husband, and now she earns Rs 12 lakh every day.

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