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tips to book cheap flight tickets follow these simple tricks. If you want to book cheap air tickets, follow these simple tips money moguls


Photo: CANVA Tips for booking cheap airline tickets

Tips for booking cheap airline tickets: The cost of plane tickets is much higher than that of bus and train. For some reason, in an emergency, people book it in a hurry and spend thousands of rupees on it. On the other hand, if you want to travel from one city to another by plane with complete planning, then you can save money on these tickets. There are many such websites available online from which it is very easy to book with the offer. If you want to book cheap air tickets, follow these tips.

Book plane tickets in advance

Usually, people book plane tickets a few days before going anywhere. If you book it a month or two in advance with full planning, you can easily get a discount. The cost of booking tickets before the trip is very high. Airlines are also starting to book tickets well in advance. You can easily take advantage of this.

non-refundable airline tickets

If you’ve already made a full planning to go somewhere, choose the non-refundable ticket option when you book it. Actually, the cost of the non-refundable ticket is much less compared to the cost of the refundable ticket. For those people who cannot fully plan before going somewhere, refundable tickets may be the right option.

round trip plane ticket

When booking airline tickets, you can easily reduce your cost by paying attention to many things. If you are going somewhere and you have also planned to return from there, then you will be able to save thousands of rupees by booking roundtrip air tickets. In fact, booking tickets for the round-trip sides at the same time reduces the cost quite a bit.

Plane tickets to travel outside rush hours

You can avoid any festivals or holidays to book cheap air tickets. In fact, more people travel on weekends, so its cost is slightly higher than on weekdays. Even when a special festival comes around, its price increases. You can book plane tickets for non-festival Mondays and Thursdays.

Compare airline tickets on different websites

Visit different websites before booking airline tickets. You can book it at a low price from the website Skyscanner.co.in or momondo.in. Apart from this, there are many websites where you do not forget to visit and compare the price and check the offers.

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