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Tips for buying second-hand smartphones Keep these factors in mind when buying cheap second-hand mobile tips for buying used phones. Don’t Buy Cheap Second Hand Mobiles Blindly, You Must Check These Things money moguls


Photo: File photo Before taking a second-hand mobile, check its screen well.

Tips for buying a second-hand smartphone: Smartphone has become a very important device in today’s era. There are many smartphone options on the market. But, to get a good smartphone you have to spend a lot of money. Faced with such a situation, many users begin to go to those markets from which second-hand mobile phones can be bought at a cheap price. Second-hand mobiles can be bought both online and offline.

Second-hand mobiles are available at cheap prices with good features, but sometimes there is a great risk in taking them. If you are planning to buy a second-hand smartphone at a low price, you should be especially careful about some things. If you’re going to buy a second-hand iPhone (How to Check a Second-Hand iPhone), you should be even more cautious.

Keep these things in mind when buying a second-hand smartphone

  • When buying a second hand mobile, check whether the phone is water damaged or not.
  • Before taking a second-hand mobile with you, check online the IMEI number of that mobile, whether it is stolen or not. Along with this, also see if the service provider has blacklisted the smartphone.
  • While picking up a second-hand smartphone, if that phone is under warranty, then definitely transfer it to your name.
  • When picking up the phone, check its battery. Before buying, please try to charge the phone and then play a video on it for some time, this will detect battery drain.
  • Insert the SIM into the second-hand mobile and check the connectivity by making a call from it. There is some call drop on the phone or some failure in the speaker.
  • Check the screen brightness. To do this, you put a white wallpaper on the screen and zoom in on it. Now look at the corner of the screen, is there anything yellowish visible?
  • While picking up the phone, also keep in mind whether you are getting all the original accessories or not. If you don’t get the original accessories, you can reduce the price of the phone.
  • In the end, the most important thing is that you never buy a second-hand mobile without an invoice or receipt. This bill will help you a lot in case of any problems in the future.

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