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This is India’s most ‘undisciplined’ city, Infosys founder told a funny story money moguls


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You must have heard many good and bad statements about the capital of the country, Delhi. In this sequence has come a recent statement from the founder of Infosys, Narayan Murthy. Narayan Murthy has described Delhi as the most undisciplined city in the country. Infosys was referring to the disorderly traffic and red light jumping on the roads of Delhi.

Citing the example of traffic violations in the national capital, Infosys founder NR Narayana Murthy said on Tuesday that it is not convenient for him to visit Delhi as it is a city where indiscipline is the greatest. Speaking at the founding day of the All India Management Association (AIMA), Murthy said the public should make better use of community property than private property. He said that with this, lies and deceit in public management can be avoided.

told this interesting story

Narrating an anecdote, Narayan Murthy said that I am really inconvenient when I come to Delhi because it is a city where indiscipline is maximum. Let me explain by giving an example. Yesterday I was coming from the airport, there were so many cars, bikes and scooters at the red light violating traffic rules without any care. Murthy said, if we can’t wait a minute or two to move on, then tell me, will these people stop when the money is in front of them? No way.

Mantra given to the business world

Murthy also emphasized instilling correct values ​​in the business world. The Infosys founder said: “Artificial intelligence (AI) has made our lives easier by taking on the role of assistive technologies. I think it is a mistake to believe that artificial intelligence can replace humans, humans will not allow this to happen because they have brain power. We know that no computer can match the brain of a child, experiments have been done many times in this regard.

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