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The vip culture ended in the railway ministry without a bell on the table to call the pawn money moguls



So far this decision has been implemented in the ministerial cell.
The same decision will soon be implemented in the Railway Boards as well.
There the bells of the officers’ quarters will also be removed.

New Delhi. The Ministry of Railways, which deals with the livelihood of common people, is also becoming common now. From here the VIP culture is eradicating little by little. Now such a thing has happened, knowing that you will feel good. In fact, it has been decided in the ministry that there will be no bell on the desk of the officers’ offices. Even this decision has been implemented in the minister’s cell. The Minister of Railways himself, Ashwini Vaishnav, had the bell removed from his room. Likewise, the bells of the rooms of all the agents present in the cell have also been removed.

But you may ask, if the wizard is going to be called, what will it be called? So for this it has been said that the minister or the officials themselves will have to get up and leave the room and the assistant will have to be called. If they can’t get up and leave because they are too busy, then they will have to resort to the phone. To do all the work, he will have to get up and call the laborer himself or he will have to call the office and send a call to the laborer or any other junior employee.

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So far this decision has been implemented in the ministerial cell. After this, there is a possibility that this decision will also soon be implemented in the Railway Boards. There the bells will also be removed from the officers’ rooms and they will also have to get up and leave the room to call any employee for any job.

Over 40 lakh passengers have traveled on Vande Bharat

Significantly, these days the Railways are engaged in building very fast Vande Bharat trains. All the Vande Bharat trains in operation so far have received excellent feedback from the passengers. The train stations are being renovated. The currently operating 7 Vande Bharat trains have covered a total distance of 23 lakh kilometers. This is equivalent to going around the earth 58 times. So far, more than 40 lakh passengers have traveled on these trains. The time saved to people traveling on these trains.

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Vande Bharat is running on these routes
The country’s first semi high speed train i.e. Vande Bharat Express is currently running on five routes. The first Vande Bharat left for New Delhi-Varanasi. Second New Delhi-Shri Vaishno Devi Mata, third Katra Gandhinagar to Mumbai, fourth New Delhi to Amb Andaura Himachal Station and fifth Chennai-Mysuru which is the first Vande Bharat of South India. The 6th Vande Bharat train runs between Howrah and New Jalpaiguri. The 7th Vande Bharat left Secunderabad for Amravati on 15 January.

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