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The old video of the car sent to jail, this act was done at the birthday party, such a mistake can cost you dearly. money moguls



A case has been filed against the famous YouTuber Prince Dixit.
Last year, the video was shot on the New Delhi-Meerut highway.
This is a violation of traffic rules, which also puts others in danger.

New Delhi. The demand for SUV vehicles in India is increasing tremendously. There is especially a high demand for vehicles with a sunroof. Youngsters use the moonroof to stick their heads out and have fun while driving on the highways. However, this method is wrong and also illegal. In such a situation, the risk of serious injury is high. In one such case, a case was filed against the famous YouTuber Prince Dixit and he was arrested.

In fact, YouTube influencer Prince Dixit was arrested by the Delhi police after an old video of him celebrating his birthday with his friends in a moving car went viral on social media. The video was filmed last year on the New Delhi-Meerut Expressway. In this case, the police first arrested Dixit. Delhi Police are now searching for the other children seen in the video. Performing such stunts on open roads is a violation of traffic rules and puts others at risk as well.
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so arrested
Delhi Police released a statement saying: “The matter has been taken notice of. We are investigating it to identify the culprits and find out the moment of the incident. The corresponding legal actions will be taken against the culprits.” Police have asked social media users to identify the other people seen in the video.

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Appeal not to break the rules
After his arrest, Prince admitted that the viral video was taken on his birthday in November of last year. He also accepted that the video, which he shared on his social media account, was shot on NH-24 near Shakarpur. Following the arrest, Prince has confessed to breaking traffic laws. He has also asked his YouTube subscribers to avoid breaking traffic laws and stepping on moving cars.

They were having fun coming out of the sunroof
The viral video shows several cars moving in a convoy stopping others, while Prince breaks traffic laws by standing on top of a car with his friends. A few others were also seen hanging from the windows of his vehicles, which included high-end SUVs and sedans. As he headed towards Ghaziabad on the road, loud music was also playing from the vehicles.

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