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The Indochina war broke Ratan Tata’s relationship, just two steps away from marriage, and suddenly…! money moguls



Ratan Tata is a successful businessman and a man full of simplicity.
They fell in love four times, but their love story could not reach the end.
Due to the Indochina war, Ratan Tata’s marriage kept going on.

New Delhi. The name of Ratan Tata, former president of the Tata Group, is counted among the largest and most prestigious businessmen in the country. Even in foreign countries, the name of Ratan Tata is very popular. Tata’s business has also increased rapidly in foreign countries. Ratan Tata began his career with the Tata group in 1962 and later got him listed in the world’s largest companies. As such, Ratan Tata is not very active on social media, nor are many people aware of his personal life. Today we tell you some interesting things related to him. What everyone wants to know. Once talking about his personal life, he told how he was married four times.

Let us tell you that Ratan Tata is a successful businessman as well as a person full of calm and simplicity. Ratan Tata’s love story is also different like his. Ratan Tata, an inspiration to millions, sacrificed his love for his family. Not once or twice, but they fell in love four times, but his love story could not reach the end.

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The Indochina war broke Ratan Tata’s relationship
Once, Ratan Tata’s marriage kept happening. She said that she had fallen in love with someone when she was in Los Angeles. The marriage was also almost confirmed, but I had to decide to return to India due to my grandmother’s poor health. I thought that the person I want to marry will also come with me. But due to the Indochina war, her parents were not prepared and our relationship ended. Ratat Tata also said that a few years ago he was sitting in the Bombay House Office. Then a person gave him the slip and said it was given to him by a woman from Paris. He said: ‘This little piece of paper belonged to the same girl. He has a family of his own, children too. How small is the world. There was a time when we didn’t have any contact, but today we meet as friends.

worked with workers
When Ratan Tata started his career at his company, he could have gotten a good position if he wanted, but he still started working with the factory workers. It is said that through this he wanted to know what life is like for day laborers and how much effort his family put into establishing this business. Ratan Tata has immense wealth, but despite this, he is not on the list of the richest people in the world. Actually, Ratan Tata donates 65 percent of his profits. Any profit his company makes, he donates to social welfare.

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