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TCS Fails to Discuss Layoffs Likely to Herald Raises for Employees Soon IT Giant money moguls



TCS will give jobs to people laid off from startups
TCS will also have a good increase this time
TCS has more than 6 lakh employees

New Delhi. There is an atmosphere of cutting back at tech companies around the world. At the same time, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the IT company of the Tata Group, has made a big decision. The company has made it clear that it has no intention of laying off employees. A senior company official says that at TCS we prepare talent for a long career.

We tell you that recently many companies have fired their employees, so there is a fear of being fired among employees. At the same time, TCS also says it will name those employees of start-ups who have lost their jobs due to downsizing.

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Employees who have lost their job will be designated
TCS Human Resources Director Milind Lakkad told PTI that the company will hire employees from start-ups who have lost their jobs. His statement comes at a time when big IT companies around the world are showing employees the way out.

Trying to promote talent
Lakkar said that we do not believe in downsizing. We bring out the talent. He said many companies have to take that step because they hired more people than they wanted. And in this case, when an employee joins TCS ‘vigilantes’, it is the responsibility of the company to make him ‘productive’.

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TCS has more than 6 lakh employees
Lakkar said that sometimes that situation arises when the efficiency available with the employee is less than what we need. In such a situation, we give the employee time and train him. The number of employees of TCS is more than 6 lakhs. Lakkar said that this time also the company will give increase to the employees equal to the previous years.

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