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Surya nutan cooking stove solar indoor rechargeable stationary know how it works features price no need to buy lpg cylinder money moguls



This is a rechargeable indoor solar cooking stove.
With this, you can cook food for 4 people daily.
It works with solar energy and electricity.

New Delhi. Gasoline-diesel and cooking gas prices have risen rapidly in recent years, so the common man’s expenses have risen as well. Especially the expensive gas cylinder ruined the budget of the women’s kitchen. But now you can get rid of expensive LPG gas cylinder if Surya Nutan surya nutan Take the stove home. This solar powered stove can cook one or two meals comfortably.

The Research and Development Center of the state oil company Indian Oil Corporation has prepared a ‘Surya Nutan’ solar cooker. Let us know how this solar powered stove is used and how money can be saved through it.

How does ‘Surya Nutan Stove’ work?
In the name of solar energy, people start to think that this stove must be kept in the sun. But it is not, you can easily use it by storing it in the kitchen. Because this is a rechargeable indoor solar cooking system. Surya Nutan solar stove consists of 2 units, one stove you can install in the kitchen and the other unit is connected to the solar panel on the roof. The company claims that it can cook food for 4 people day and night through this stove with the sunlight it receives daily.

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This stove is connected to the solar panel on the roof via a cable and works with solar energy.
This board stores solar energy in a thermal battery. Due to this, food can be cooked on the Surya Nutan stove even at night.

will work with the help of electricity
Not only this, this stove also works in hybrid mode, that is, it can work with solar energy and electricity. This stove is available in 3 different models. Its premium model can cook a full day’s worth of meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for a family of 4.

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The company claims that this stove can last up to 10 years without maintenance and has a unique battery that does not require replacement. Whereas, the life of the solar panel is 25 years. However, the high cost of this stove may annoy you a bit.

Government will give subsidy for high cost
The government has tested around 50 solar cookers in the past 6 months in extreme hot and cold weather conditions, including army, BRO and schools, preparing food in cold areas including Leh. People’s feedback was also taken in tests in Gwalior, Udaipur and Delhi/NCR.

The base model of this solar stove costs around Rs 12,000 and the top model costs Rs 23,000. Indian Oil Corporation says that its prices may drop significantly in the coming times. At the same time, the government has also announced that it will give a subsidy to this stove.

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