Re-registration in Chandigarh of Petrol Bike and Scooter stopped, only electric two-wheelers allowed money moguls


The policy has been formulated without thinking about practical limitations.
How can management force the sale to be 35 percent?
Currently there are very few public charging stations in the city, most of them are closed.

Electric vehicles: If you plan to buy a bike or scooter, be careful. Especially if you live in Chandigarh, don’t buy a petrol two-wheeler just yet as hundreds of customers are already in trouble. According to the sources, the Chandigarh administration has banned gasoline-powered two-wheelers. Due to this, the problems of such customers, who have recently purchased new two-wheelers, have increased.

According to the notice issued by the Registration and Licensing Authority (RLA), since February 10, new registrations of two-wheeled gasoline vehicles have been closed for this fiscal year that ends in March. Now people who have bought two-wheelers do not get a copy of the high security license plate and registration certificate. The reason for this is that dealers are unable to complete the registration process on the Vahan portal.

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Dealers raised questions about the policy.
Now the Chandigarh merchants believe that this decision taken by the administration has been taken in haste. People who have already bought or are about to buy their two-wheelers are now stuck, while two-wheelers are also a source of employment for many people. Dealers say the policy has been prepared without thinking about practical limitations. If the production of electric two-wheelers is not 35 percent of the total number of two-wheelers, how can the administration force sales to be 35 percent? Apart from this, there are very few public charging stations in the city at present, most of them are not working either.

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The Dealers Association reached the High Court
Under the EV policy released in September 2022, the UT administration will stop registration of non-electric two- and three-wheelers beginning in fiscal year 2024-25 (April 2024). After completing the 65 percent level of registration of gasoline two-wheelers from last year, the administration stopped the registration of non-electric two-wheelers from February 10 for this fiscal year. The Federation of Automotive Dealers Associations (FADA) has turned to the High Court seeking relief from the policy.

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