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OLA UBER and Rapido bike taxis will not drive on roads Delhi Department of Transport issued | Now OLA, UBER and Rapido bike taxis will not drive on the roads of Delhi! The Department of Transportation issued a warning money moguls


Photo: ARCHIVE The OLA, UBER and RĂ¡pido pedicabs will be closed

Bike Taxis News: Bicycle taxis are a great relief for people living in and around Delhi. Soon this line will be written with ‘hua karti thi’. In fact, the Delhi Department of Transport has warned cycle taxis not to drive on the roads of Delhi and warned that it is a violation of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 which will make aggregators subject to a fine of Rs 1 lakh. Simply put, if a company provides the byte taxi service, you will have to pay a fine of Rs 1 lakh. Not only this, the Department of Transport has also talked about canceling the driving license of people who use the bicycle as a taxi. Let us tell you that companies like OLA, UBER and Rapido provide bike taxi service to their users in Delhi. After this order, they may have to stop your service.

Why does the government want to ban it?

According to a notice issued by the Department of Transport, the use of two-wheelers for commercial purposes is a violation of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The first offense may result in a fine of Rs 5,000, while a repeat offense may result in a fine of Rs 10,000 and imprisonment for up to one year. Not only this, the driver’s license can also be canceled for 3 months. The notice states that some app-based companies are posing as aggregators in violation of the 1988 Act. For doing so, they will also have to pay a fine of one lakh rupees. Tell me, the main reason behind issuing such an order from the department is that the number plates of those bikes are not yellow in color. Actually, the fact that the license plate of the vehicle is yellow in color indicates that the vehicle is taken for business purposes. The government also charges more taxes on such vehicles. The government does not charge as much tax on personal vehicles. Along with this, special training is given to the driver who drives those vehicles, so safety is maintained.

The Supreme Court refused to give relief

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court refused to grant relief to bicycle taxi aggregator Rapido against a license denial by the Maharashtra government. It was noted that amendments made to the Motor Vehicle Law in 2019 made it clear that aggregators cannot operate without a valid license. A bench of Chief Justice DY Chandrachud and Justices PS Narasimha and JB Pardiwala noted that the Pune Regional Transport Office had rejected their license application on December 21.

The bank said Roopen Transportation Services Pvt Ltd (Rapido) can challenge the state government’s January 19 notice, which banned the use of non-transport vehicles through car sharing. It added that the validity of the RTO’s December order would be subsumed by a subsequent comprehensive decision by the state government.

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