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Kongka La Pass ‘UFO’ | That mysterious part of Ladakh where ‘aliens’ live! Is it really ‘Area 51’ of ‘India’? money moguls


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New Delhi. Where, on the one hand, Ladakh with its beauty has long been under discussion due to the mystery of aliens. At the same time, according to the information, there is a place here that is also known as the ‘base’ of the aliens. Yes, Ladakh’s ‘Kongka La Pass’ is actually also called India’s ‘Area 51’, which contains many such secrets within itself. Along with this, it has also been claimed many times that ‘aliens’ have been seen here as well. That is why this part is called the base of the ‘aliens’ flying saucer.

India’s ‘Area 51’

Friends, ‘Kongka La Pass’ of Ladakh is an area where no one lives. Now, in such a situation, scientists conducted a study in the year 2004 to understand whether aliens really come here or not. According to this research by the scientists, during the study, a robot was seen walking in the same part of ‘Ladakh’. As soon as these scientists got to that place, that thing suddenly disappeared from there.

Explain that the word ‘la’ in ‘Kongka La’ means to pass in Tibetan. This is a mountain pass located in the Ladakh region, which has a lot of controversy. India believes it is under its border, while China has always claimed it as its own.

When the Indian army saw something mysterious

Although this was not the first case. At the same time, in 2012, the Indian Army and ITBP Jawans also confirmed the sighting of such a mysterious thing. According to the sources, the report sent by the army to the Delhi headquarters said that UFOs have also been seen in that area.

UFO representative image

Why is the alien theory gaining traction?

Actually, Kongka Pass is that part of the earth, where the depth of its crust is twice that of any part of the world. Now this happens only when one tectonic (lithospheric) plate of the Earth is buried under another. Let us tell you that these plates are the ancient layer of the earth, which are made of strong rocks. Due to the presence of this, the base belief of the aliens was further strengthened.


different points of view of scientists

Although scientists have always had different points of view on this whole matter. Where some scientists believe that the ‘Kongka’ layer is the oldest in the world. Due to which the UFO base concept is considered correct here. At the same time, some scientists say that there is no such thing as an alien or UFO here because no concrete evidence has been found on the basis of which it can be confirmed.

DRDO study

Later in the year 2012, DRDO and the National Technical Research Organization conducted a joint study after the fierce discussion about aliens. After investigation and investigation, both institutes were unable to come to any conclusion on this matter. Kongka Pass, which is often claimed to have seen UFOs, is close to the India-China border Line of Control. That is why the movement of ordinary people is also prohibited there.

‘Aliens’ on Mount Kailash

However, according to some local people, UFOs have been seen coming towards India and China. At the same time, the army of both countries is aware of this. But what is its true truth, it remains only a mystery to date. By the way, before this and continuously, it has also often been said about Mount Kailash that either aliens come here, or there is a great abode of supernatural powers.

When did the UFO sightings occur?

According to information, for the first time on June 24, 1947, 9 high-speed objects were seen flying near Mount Rainier in Washington. On the other hand, if scientists believe that there will be millions of Earth-like planets in our galaxy, then it is also certain that there is the possibility of life on some of them. Scientists have called such life ‘alien’.

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