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Know your rights before traveling by train, airlines, plane or public transport under the consumer protection law money moguls


New Delhi. After the implementation of the 2019 Consumer Protection Law in the country, consumers have many rights. Especially during the journey, a fine is also being imposed for the complaint of air conditioning, bedding, food and cleanliness of the train. Recently, with the help of this law, a person collected a fine of Rs 20,000 from the Railways. Failing to fix faulty air conditioning on the Shatabdi Express train cost the Railways dearly. The Delhi Consumer Commission has asked the Railways to pay a fine of Rs 20,000 for this matter, as well as Rs 10,000 for fighting the whistleblower’s case.

We tell you that even after a complaint from a passenger in this case, the air conditioning on the train was not fixed. The complainant had imposed a fine of Rs 20,000 on the Delhi Consumer Commission Railways under the Consumer Protection Act, 2019. In such a situation, if you are traveling by train, air or any public transport, you can file a complaint to the appropriate department in the consumer courts.

Passengers traveling by air can also file complaints with the Consumer Commission.

Action taken on passenger complaint
Recently, the Delhi Consumer Commission rejected the Railways’ claim, stating that the Consumer Forum has no right to hear complaints about inconveniences during travel. It was argued on behalf of the Railways that a passenger must make a complaint to the Railways Tribunal to claim any kind of complaint against the Railways.

Complain under this law
People who travel in the air conditioning compartment on the train often worry about bad air conditioning. When it comes to complaints, people are silent. But, in recent times, many of these cases have come to light, when people have started to complain. However, people are apprehensive that they will have to visit the court to file a complaint. But, in the same year 2019, the Modi government implemented a new Consumer Protection Law in the country. After this, consumers started getting many rights and facilities.

Response of the Supreme Court
Decisions handed down by the Consumer Commission remain intact even in the Supreme Court. The train delay is now also considered a service deficiency under the Consumer Protection Law. To do this, the passenger has the option of going to the consumer court and obtaining compensation. Because, on the train ticket issued by the Railways, the departure and arrival time of the train in question is also indicated.

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Decisions handed down by the Consumer Commission remain intact even in the Supreme Court.

Air passengers can also claim here
Similarly, while traveling by plane, you are accompanied by many problems. With this in mind, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has drawn up a charter on passenger rights. Passengers have been granted many rights in this charter, the purpose of which is to protect their interests. Under this letter, if the interests of consumers are not served, then air passengers can also file their complaint with the Consumer Commission.

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Under the 2019 Consumer Protection Act, those who sell substandard products and post misleading ads also go to jail. Under this law, those who sell substandard products may have to pay six months in jail and a fine of lakhs rupees. E-commerce companies have also entered the scope of this new law. Now the consumer will have the right to file a claim in any consumer court.

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