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Investment tips to become a crorepati in 15 years by mutual fund compound interest. Easily check the details. money moguls



15*15*15 is a popular rule of thumb regarding investment planning.
Invest money for 15 years in a mutual fund that gives you a 15% return.
Funds up to 1 crore can be earned with an investment of 15 thousand every month.

Investment advice: Every person in the world wants to earn money and wants to live a life of luxury. But this dream is still a dream for many people, while some people fulfill it. There will be a question in your mind that what do these people do, who become rich in a short time. Do not put too much mind to this, rather start saving from today. Because only small savings fulfill all the big dreams of the future.

We all think that to earn lakhs of crores from funds in the long term, you will have to invest a lot of money every month, but it is not so. You can become a millionaire by investing some money every month from your salary or business income. This requires investing in investment schemes such as mutual funds subject to market risk. Let us know how to become a millionaire through the 15*15*15 rule.

What is the 15*15*15 rule?
SIP in mutual funds is big business. Because investing in it is not done in a lump sum but in parts and gives tremendous returns in the long term. There are many mutual fund options based on risk appetite and tenure, which you can invest in at your convenience.

Also read this: this is the formula to double / triple money, knowing this rule, you too can become rich!

15*15*15 is a popular rule of thumb regarding investment planning, with the help of which one crore fund can be easily raised in the long term. For this, you do not need a lot of mind and calculation. All you do is invest Rs 15,000 every month for 15 years in a mutual fund plan that offers a 15% return. With this alone a fund of 1 crore can be prepared.

Compound interest will increase the amount
The term “compounding” is used a lot in mutual funds. With its help, small amounts invested regularly turn into large capital over a period of time. The growth of your investment in interest earned as well as interest accrued is basically called compound interest or compound interest.

In fact, it is believed that mutual funds can yield returns of up to 15% over the long term. According to the 15*15*15 rule, if you invest Rs 15,000 per month for a period of 15 years that is able to pay 15% interest per year, you will end up with Rs 100,27,601 at the end. 15 years old You will be able to earn money. In this, you will make a total investment of just Rs 27 lakh while the return received in the form of compound interest will be Rs 73 lakh.

If you extend this period for another 15 years, your deposit will grow exponentially and the 15*15*30 rule will help you accumulate Rs 10,38,49,194 (over Rs 10 crore).

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