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Indian railways srirampur and belapur are 2 railway stations in the same place, the names of both are different money moguls



You must have heard many unique things related to Indian Railways.
There is a place in the country where two railway stations are present at the same place.
Shrirampur and Belapur are two such railway stations, which are located in the same place.

New Delhi. You must have heard of many types of Indian Railways railway stations which are known as the life line of the country. Some are very busy, some are more beautiful, some are world-class, and some are in poor condition. There are also some unique train stations in the country, which are talked about for their interesting things. In the series of such interesting stations, today we will tell you about a place where there are two different train stations in the same place. Very few people would know about this wonderful station of Indian Railways.

You must have heard many unique things related to Indian Railways, this is also one of them. Shrirampur and Belapur are two such railway stations in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, which are located in the same place. So let’s find out about them….

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These stations are opposite the track.
There is only one track difference between the two train stations. The Shrirampur railway station is on this side of the track and the Belapur railway station is on the other side. Those who live here, or commute from this station, know this place well, but this place confuses the new passenger a lot.

new people get confused sir
In fact, there are some trains that arrive at the Shrirampur railway station and depart from here as well. Similarly, there are some trains that reach Belapur and also depart from here. Now both train stations are next to the tracks, so new people coming here get confused about where they have to take the train.

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Belapur railway station is very small.
Belapur railway station is a very small railway station in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra on the central railway network. It is situated at a distance of about 37 km from the Shirdi railway station. There is also a rest room without air conditioning at this station.

This station is also very unique.
There is also a station in India where the borders of two states meet. Half of the station is in Gujarat and the other half is in Maharashtra. The Navapur railway station is on the border of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Information is provided to train passengers in four different languages ​​at this unique bi-state split Navapur railway station. Here the announcement is made in Hindi, English, Gujarati and Marathi.

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