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If you click on said link, your account will be empty! HDFC Bank told how to identify fake SMS? money moguls



HDFC Bank customers receive this type of fraud message to update KYC.
According to the bank, the customer should not reply to any messages sent from the 10-digit number.
If you receive such a message, always check from which ID it was sent.

New Delhi. Today, many cases of scams against people are coming to light through fake SMS. In cyber bullies, many such people have been looted of their hard earned money by making them victims. However, banks always advise their customers to be vigilant and avoid these types of messages. Recently, HDFC Bank customers are receiving such scam messages to update KYC.

To trap customers, these messages are sent from random numbers that their KYC has not yet been updated with the bank. By sending such messages, scammers loot customers’ deposited money in a matter of minutes. HDFC Bank has advised its customers to be careful with these types of messages.

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A message is received for KYC update
Recently, HDFC Bank customers are receiving such messages asking them to update KYC immediately. Along with this message, there is also a link that customers are asked to click on. At the same time, if this is not done, a warning is also given to block the bank account. Customers get caught up in this and they click the link and the money disappears from their account.

Fake messages look like this
HDFC Bank customers receive this message: “Update KYC for HDFC account immediately! Please update it by clicking otherwise your account will be locked. Thank you.” According to an email sent by HDFC Bank to its customers, please do not reply to messages sent from any 10-digit number requesting your bank details. HDFC Bank never asks you to share your OTP, CVV or any personal information like Aadhaar and PAN card numbers via SMS or email.

The bank warned customers.
HDFC Bank recently tweeted that customers need to protect themselves from fraud! Always check in such messages from which ID it was sent to you. HDFC Bank sends you messages from your official HDFCBK/HDFCBN ID and links only. That’s where your links start. Do not click on links in messages received from unknown numbers requesting to update PAN/KYC or other banking information. You can contact report.phishing@hdfcbank.com to report such fake SMS or emails.

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