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How safe are electric cars? Find out which electric car failed and passed the crash test here. How safe are electric cars? Find out which electric car failed and passed the crash test here money moguls


Photo: CANVA Important information related to electric car crash test

Electric car crash test: Crash test is carried out before launching any vehicle on the market. On this basis, information is available as to whether it is safe or not. Many times people have raised doubts about the safety of gasoline and diesel powered cars. But these days, most people want to buy an electric vehicle. Do you also have an electric car or do you want to buy one? If your car is safe or not, if it passes the crash test or not, find out everything here.

Tata Tigor crash test

Tigor was launched by the car manufacturer from our country Tata. This car is easily seen on the roads. According to Global NCAP, it is the best electric car to meet safety standards. It has a four star rating. He obtained 12 out of 17 in the adult category and 37.24 out of 49 in the children’s category.

Hyundai Kona crash test

Hyundai Company’s Kona has failed the crash test, many people have questioned it. Although the electric model was not crash tested. Euro NCAP tested the Hyundai Kona hybrid instead, along with petrol and diesel. In this, 87 percent of the brands were found in the adult safety category. On the other hand, he obtained 85 percent points in the children’s category.

MG ZS EV crash test

The MG ZS EV received a full 5-star rating according to Euro NCAP in the crash test. He has obtained 90% in the adult category and 85% in the children’s category. On the other hand, speaking of safety assistance, this SUV has a total score of 70%.

Atto3 crash test

BYD’s new Atto3 electric car is also very safe in terms of safety. This car has received a 5-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash test. It has 91% marks in the adult category and 89% marks in the children’s category. If you also have this electric car, then you are safe. You don’t need to worry much about security. Pay attention to the road only when the car is moving.

Tata Nexon crash test

The electric model Tata Nexon did not undergo crash tests. Global NCAP only tested the gasoline and diesel variants. In this, Tata Nexon got 5 stars in the adult category and 3 stars in the children’s category.

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