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Photo: CANVA You can apply online to get free VIP mobile number

VIP mobile number: Most of the people go to the Jio or Vodafone store instead of going to the store to buy the SIM. After the change in the process of taking a SIM after Kovid, now people do not need to go to any store to buy it. You can request this session online at your home. Getting a fancy number is also very easy now. There is no need to pay any separate fee when applying online for a VIP mobile number. If you also want to get a VIP number for free, follow these steps.

Choose VIP mobile number as per your choice

Vodafone Idea Company has started the process of granting the VIP mobile number. For this, you can visit the official website online. In this, one has the facility to choose any of the pre-existing fancy numbers. Not only this, if you want to take any other number according to yours, it is also very easy to check. Now by entering the number you want to take, you can check whether it is available or not.

Get a VIP mobile number delivered at home

After visiting the official website, you can enter any address you like while applying for the SIM card. Not only this, after selecting the auto address, the SIM will be delivered to your home. If you want to have it delivered to your office, you can edit the address. Let us tell you, there is no need to pay a single rupee separately for this. Only one recharge plan can be taken.

Apply online for a VIP mobile number like this

1. Visit Vodafone official website to get VIP mobile number for free.

2. After that, tap on New connection on the home page.
3. Now select Fancy Number. Choose Postpaid or Prepaid.
4. After this, send OTP by entering PIN code and mobile number.
5. Select any of the pre-existing numbers or search by entering 3 digits of your choice.
6. Now enter the address after providing proof of identification.
7. After a while, the SIM will be delivered to your home.

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