Euler Finance hacker returns $5.4 million in tokens money moguls

  • etculer Finance The hacker who previously stole $197 million has returned nearly 3,000 Ethereum tokens worth $5.4 million.
  • However, the chances of the hacker returning the entire $197 million loot are slim.

The hacker who stole $197 million from the Ethereum-based non-custodial lending protocol Euler Finance has returned nearly 3,000 Ether worth approximately $5.4 million. The assets were transferred from the hacker’s address to the employer’s address, Euler Finance, on March 18.

Peckshield, a blockchain researcher, identified three transactions that were used to transfer funds and shared Details on twitter.

The recent attack on Euler Finance, in which $197 million was stolen, has been called the biggest decentralized finance (DeFi) hack of 2023 so far.

However, this may not last long as the hacker has reportedly changed his mind. The hacker was able to drain all assets through multiple transactions before transferring funds from the BNB chain to Ethereum via the Multichain Bridge.

Who is behind the attack?

cryptanalytics company Meta Sleuth They are linked The onslaught of deflation for a month. The hacker initiated the attack by transferring funds from the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) to Ethereum via a multi-chain bridge.

ZachXBT, a chain security expert, had said Euler Finance’s movement of funds and the nature of the attack appear to be similar to that of blackhats, who took advantage of the BSC-based platform in February. The funds were transferred to Tornado Cash after a protocol was previously used at BSC.

There were rumors that North Korea-based Lazarus Group was behind the attack, as the nature of the stealth was strikingly similar.

2 days ago, Euler Finance Announced $1 million reward for catching the hacker and returning the funds. The hacker transferred the stolen funds to the Tornado Cash cryptocurrency mixer shortly after the protocol announced the reward.

To avoid jail time, Euler Finance demanded that the hacker must return 90% of the funds within 24 hours.

However, the chances of the hackers returning all the loot are slim as no outgoing transactions have been recorded so far.

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