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Don’t Make These 4 Big Mistakes While Charging Your Smartphone’s Battery Life Will Increase. Do not make these 4 mistakes when charging your smartphone, the battery will charge quickly, the phone will last for years money moguls


Photo: File photo Charging your smartphone incorrectly sometimes increases the risk of battery explosion.

How to increase smartphone battery life: Charging a smartphone is not rocket science. But many times we make some of these mistakes while charging the phone which not only increases the risk of battery damage but also reduces the life of the smartphone. Not only this, because of a charging failure, the performance of the smartphone is also affected. Your battery is the most important part of a smartphone, so we need to adopt such methods so that the battery lasts long and the life of the smartphone is also increased.

Many times it is seen that the charging speed of the phone drops considerably. Such problems are also caused by charging the phone in the wrong way. To increase battery life, you need to take care of these things.

Do not charge the phone with the cover on

Almost everyone charges their smartphone with the case on. This is a common habit. But do you know that this has a negative effect on battery life? Explain that when the battery is in charging mode, it gets hot. Due to the phone cover, the heat does not go out and the battery begins to overheat. In such a situation, the risk of battery explosion also increases many times. When charging the phone with the case, the charging speed also starts to slow down.

Do not put on charge when this percentage is

There is a standard for charging the phone. If your phone is 85% charged then remove it from charging, don’t wait for it to be 100%. At the same time, never allow the phone battery to be 20% discharged. If you take into account this percentage limit, the battery life of the smartphone will be multiplied.

Do not use the daily fast charger

Many people think that using a fast charger will increase battery life, but this is not the case at all. If you use a fast charger to charge your smartphone every day. Because of this, your phone’s battery performance will decrease during the first year. You can use the fast charger except one day. If you charge the smartphone at night, please charge it only with a normal charger.

Do not put on frequent charge

Many times people have been seen charging the smartphone several times a day. Doing this also reduces battery life. Many times people start charging even when they are 90 years old and this habit dates the battery. It is also seen that many times people remove the smartphone within a few minutes of charging it and then put it back. The life of the smartphone is also reduced due to frequent charging.

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