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Disney lays off 4,000 employees in all its segments asks managers to identify candidates. Disney is going to lay off 4,000 people at one time, previously it was announced that it would lay off 7,000 people. money moguls


Photo: ARCHIVE Disney is laying off 4,000 people at once

Disney layoff news: The biggest impact of the recession has been on the employment sector, as people quickly fail to get new jobs, while companies are firing their employees at many times the speed. In this episode, Disney has once again announced the dismissal of 4,000 employees. To do this, the company has asked the manager to draw up the list. According to a media report, Disney wants to restructure the organization and work to reduce the budget. The company has asked its management to identify candidates for the layoffs proposed in April. However, it is still unclear from which specific department the layoffs will be made. The planned job cuts were announced ahead of Disney’s annual meeting on April 3.

What does the company report say?

According to its 2021-22 annual report, the group employed 190,000 people worldwide as of October 2 of that year, of whom 80% were full-time employees. The Walt Disney-founded company also said its streaming service saw a first-time decline in subscribers last quarter as consumers cut spending. Subscribers to Netflix’s streaming archive, Disney, fell one percent to 168.1 million subscribers as of December 31, compared with three months earlier. Analysts largely expected a drop, with Disney’s share price rising 8 percent in after-session trading. Investors were reassured by Disney’s lower-than-expected operating loss for its streaming platform in the October-December period. Disney Group posted revenue of $23.5 billion for the three-month period, which was better than analysts had expected.

The company is working on Plan-B

Iger, who stepped down as chief executive officer in 2020 after leading the company for nearly two decades, returned after the board of directors ousted his replacement, Bob Chapek. Disappointed with his ability to control costs. Iger’s new tenure as CEO faces big hurdles, including a campaign by activist investor Nelson Petz to seek major cost cutting after Disney overpaid to buy 20th Century Fox’s movie studios. Let me tell you that the company is now working on Plan B. According to the company, it is again in the process of restructuring. So that expenses and profits can be brought to the previous level.

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