Delhi Video | Delhi embarrassed again! The beast grabbed her throat, forcibly pulled her and made her sit in the car… he escaped from the place putting the girl in the car money moguls


New Delhi. Where on one hand people are in a panic due to the recent Kanjhawala incident in Delhi. But this is not the first incident of crossing the lines of cruelty to women in Delhi. In this episode, a video from Delhi’s Mangolpuri is now going viral, in which two boys are clearly seen forcing a girl to sit in a taxi.

In this viral video on social media, a boy is seen forcibly dragging a girl by the neck. While the girl opposes. But the boy forces her to sit in her car. At the same time, another boy wearing a black T-shirt is also seen in the video, who is seen standing at the scene with the car. So those guys take that girl with them in the car.

At the same time, in connection with this viral video, the DCP police say that this matter has come to the attention of the police, who have tracked down the owner of the taxi. The taxi owner has a Gurugram address. A police team has also been sent there. In this regard, the police officer said that the taxi was seen at IFFCO Chowk in Gurugram on Saturday night around 11:30 pm Police also have CCTV footage of this.

The officer also reported that police are tracking the driver, who was driving the car that night. Also, now the police are trying to find out where the two boys seen in the video have taken the girl. Police are now vigorously examining CCTV footage from the surrounding areas. According to the police, the identity of the boy and girl will soon be determined. The taxi owner will also be questioned about it.

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