Call center job at age 17, became billionaire at 34, brothers together established company worth Rs 16,500 crore money moguls


Nikhil Kamat started selling phones at the age of 14.
He has been trading the stock market since he was 17 years old.
He also worked at a call center for Rs 8,000 a month.

New Delhi. Zerodha is a brokerage company. Through this, you can invest money in the stock market, mutual funds, and other investment options by opening a demat account online. It is one of the few startups in India that is making a profit. Zerodha made a profit of Rs 2000 crore in this fiscal year. But do you know that the two brothers Nikhil and Nitin Kamat who did it do not have any formal education in finance? Although Nitin Kamat is an engineer, Nikhil Kamat left his studies at the school itself. This was the reason why he did not even get financing to set up the company. Even today no money has been invested in Zerodha from outside, but 2 brothers have made this company profitable on their own.

Nitin Kamat is the more popular face and is the older of the two brothers. However, the story of the younger brother Nikhil Kamat is no less interesting. He is currently co-founder and CFO of the company. Today we will talk about him, how a person who could not even complete his education, made a company worth Rs 16,500 crores thanks to his eagerness to learn and his hard work. Please say Zerodha’s valuation is around $2 billion.

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He started selling phones at the age of 14.
When Nikhil Kamat was 14 years old, he started selling used phones. This affected his schooling. When his mother found out about this, she threw all the phones down the drain. The school administration was angry with his careless attitude towards studies, so he didn’t even get a chance to sit for the 10th board exam. After this, Kamat left the school.

call center jobs
At the age of 17, he started working at a call center where he used to get Rs 8,000. Kamat says she used to work until late at night and then try her hand at the stock market in the morning. During this he learned a lot about the market. His father was very supportive of Kamat and gave him his money to invest in the stock market. Kamat also convinced his call center colleagues to let him manage his money. Thus he began his career in stock brokerage. Zerodha was launched in 2010. In 2021, Nikhil Kamat became a billionaire at the age of 34.

profitable company
Nobody contributed funds to Zerodha and even today no money has been invested in the company from outside. Despite this, today Zerodha is a Rs 16,500 crore company. Nikhil Kamat topped Hurun India’s self-made rich list last year. According to the list, Nikhil Kamat’s net worth is Rs 17,500 crore. The company made a net profit of Rs 2094 crore this fiscal year.

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