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Business Idea: Start Hawa Mithai business at very low cost, people eat it with great enthusiasm, there will be a lot of profit. money moguls



Today it is sold at expensive prices in many stores, even inside shopping malls.
This business does not require much cost.
You can also earn good profit by starting this business.

New Delhi. If you are also thinking of doing something new at a low cost and want to make a good profit from it, then a great business idea has come your way today. This business has been running in our India for years. Actually, we are talking about the business of Hawa Mithai, that is, Cotton Candy. Its particularity is that it is made at a very low cost and with less material.

The popularity of cotton candy has not yet diminished. Children, old people, old people, everyone eats it with great fervor. You must have often seen it for sale outside of schools, universities, fairs, in front of shopping malls. Today it is sold at expensive prices in many stores, even inside shopping malls. In such a situation, you can also make good profit by starting this business.

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these things will be necessary
Some things are necessary to start any business. That is why we must first know it well. Such as how the product is manufactured, what will be the raw material and what is its demand in the market, etc. If we are talking about making sweet air, then only sugar, flavoring and food coloring are required. All these ingredients are put into the machine and in a very short time the cotton candy is ready.

What machine to buy?
This business does not require much cost. Many sizes of machines are available on the market for making cotton candy. You can choose it according to your business. At the same time, you will get these machines both online and offline. You can buy from companies like Amazon, Flipkart with good discounts.

How much will it cost?
You can also buy a small machine at first according to your business. Even with this you can easily make 500 cotton candy packets a day. To produce more than this, you will have to work longer. The machine will be available from 5000 to 10 thousand. Apart from this, you will need to buy sugar, food coloring, flavorings, etc.

Earn well this way?
Do some research before starting this business. Like where are the malls, parks, which area has more children, etc. You can make better profit by setting up your store in the mall or selling cotton candy outside of the mall as well. Other than this, you can contact local or grocery stores nearby and sell your goods to them in bulk and earn well.

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