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Business Idea: Black Turmeric Sells Up To Rs 4,000 Per Kg, Make Extra Profit From Your Cultivation money moguls


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Black turmeric is packed with many medicinal properties.
Friable clay soil is considered good for growing black turmeric.
Black turmeric is also used as an immunity booster.

New Delhi. India is an agricultural country. In such a situation, if you want to earn money through farming, then today we came up with a great idea for you. You can become rich by growing this crop. Actually, we are talking about growing black turmeric. Black turmeric is packed with many medicinal properties. Due to its medicinal properties, its price is very high.

Let us tell you that black turmeric is one of the most expensive products on sale. You can make huge profits by growing black turmeric. The leaves of the black turmeric plant have a black stripe down the middle. Its tuber is black or purple inside. Today we will learn here how to grow black turmeric and how to make money with it.

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Grow black turmeric like this
Friable clay soil is considered good for growing black turmeric. While cultivating it, keep in mind that rainwater should not stop in the field. About 2 quintals of black turmeric seeds can be sown in one hectare. Its cultivation does not require much irrigation. At the same time, there is no need for insecticide in it. The month of June is considered best for its cultivation. However, for a good yield, turmeric production can be enhanced by applying good amount of cow dung before cultivation.

Increased demand as immunity booster.
Due to the use of black turmeric as an immunity enhancer, its demand has increased a lot after Covid. Black turmeric is in demand due to its medicinal properties. The normal yellow turmeric price in the market is Rs 60-100 per kg while the black turmeric price is Rs 500-4000 and more. At present, there is so much demand that it will be difficult to get it on the market.

Profits from growing black turmeric
If you grow black turmeric on one acre of land, 50-60 quintals of raw turmeric will be produced. That is, after drying, you will easily get about 12-15 quintals of black turmeric. Black turmeric is readily available for sale for at least Rs 500. At the same time, some farmers have sold black turmeric for as much as Rs 4,000 per kg. Crop production of black turmeric is lower, but due to its demand in the market, its price is very high.

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