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Best 8 seater cars to buy innova crysta mahindra marazzo lexus lx money moguls



There are many cars in the 7-seater segment in India.
There are fewer options available for the 8-seater.
The demand for 8-seater cars has increased a lot.

New Delhi. Today, the demand for 6-7 seater cars is very high in the Indian market. 8-seater cars are also more preferred now than before. If you are planning to buy an 8-seater car, today we will tell you about the 8-seater SUV. Other than family, you can also use these cars for business use and these cars are great for personal use as well.

There are many options for 7 seater SUV in the Indian market but, if you are shopping for an 8 seater SUV within the same budget, then an 8 seater car may be a better option for you.

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Mahindra’s Marazzo
If we talk about the facilities available in this car, then you too will become its fan. The starting price of this SUV is around Rs 13 lakhs. Most importantly, it has 8 seats, making it a perfect family car.

Toyota Innova Crystal
It is the most popular car in India in the Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) segment. Now many cars have entered this segment in the Indian market but even today this SUV is still a favorite of the people. The 8 seats available in this car meet the needs of most of the people and that is why it is also very popular in the commercial segment.

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Lexus LX
It is the most expensive car on this list, but the performance of this car is tremendous. This luxury SUV can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.7 seconds. You also get the facility of 8 seats in this SUV. A 5663cc engine is available in this car. However, its price may disappoint you as it is worth Rs 2.63 crore and is counted among the best luxury SUV cars.

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