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Beginning of the summer necessary to take care of the car do these 5 important checks vehicle maintenance money moguls



The car needs more attention in the summer season.
Have the car serviced at the beginning of the summer.
Check the coolant level to make sure the car is not overheating.

New Delhi. The weather has changed once again, the temperature has reached 25 degrees Celsius these days. Air conditioners and fans have even gone off in some people’s homes. As the new season approaches, the elders of the house ask to be more careful, they advise improving eating habits and exercising in case of sudden illness. Something similar happens with your car too. With the sudden change in the weather and the rise in temperature, the health of your car may also worsen. In such a situation, you should also take more care of your car.

Considering car maintenance, there are 5 things you should do. After doing this work, the health of your car will be absolutely fine in the summer season and you will not have to worry. So let us know what those 5 works areā€¦

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have the seat belts checked
Old cars used to have two to three seat belts, but now new technology cars come with only one seat belt. This causes the engine, air conditioning, and water pump to work. In winter, this belt shrinks because it is rubber, but due to the sudden increase in temperature, it loosens. In such a situation, if the belt has become old, it can also break. So get your belt checked as soon as the summer season starts.

check tires
Tires wear out faster in the summer season. The reason for this is the heating of the road. In such a situation, if your car tires are old, they may also burst at high speed. Which can become the cause of a major accident. It is important that you check these tires on time. If the tires are left around 20 percent, replace them immediately.

recharge ac gas
It is normal for air conditioners to start working in vehicles as soon as the summer season begins. When the car becomes somewhat old, the AC gas often leaks from the compressor. In this case, please complete the air conditioning service and refill it when the gas is low.

replace engine oil
In summer the engine gets hotter than normal. In such a situation, when the engine oil is old, it starts to burn and damages the engine. That is why it is necessary to change the engine oil before the start of the summer season. This will keep your car engine healthy.

check coolant level
The problem of overheating comes with most vehicles in summer. To avoid this problem, have the body of water checked. Also check the coolant level and top up if it is low.

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