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Bank Complaint – If ignored by the bank, you can also complain to the bank at these places, not RBI money moguls


Bank Complaint: Every citizen of the country has to go to the bank at one time or another. If he does a job, has a store, does business or does other business, then he has to go to the bank to deposit money. In such a situation, people often complain that they have been in the bank for a long time or that employees deliberately postpone their work until the next day. There are frequent reports of clashes between employees and customers due to bank employees being late. Many other types of complaints, such as bank employees asking you to come after lunch or even when it’s not lunch time, say lunch is taking place now. In such a situation, if you are facing this kind of problem, you can file a complaint with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as well as Lokpal or Consumer Forum.

Many times it is seen that when you go to the bank, the employees related to your work are not in their seats. In such a situation, you have to wait a long time. If you ask another bank employee if the employee keeps you connected to her work, then you either do not get a satisfactory answer or you feel that the employee is lying to you. In such a situation, you can complain about that employee by dialing the complaint number present at the bank.

If you want to complain about any bank, you can complain by visiting the website.

You can complain about bank employees here
It is often seen that bank employees are often busy in one or another job. Bank employees may also need to receive assistance from any other employees present at the bank in connection with customer-related work. In such a situation, you may need to wait for some time. However, if that employee is continuously absent from her seat and even if she is working for a client. In this situation, you can request him regarding his work. If that employee has gone to another seat and is talking to another employee for a long time, he too can file a complaint with the Ombudsman, RBI or the head office of that bank.

The bank’s responsibility to treat customers fairly
Significantly, if any bank in the country misbehaves with customers, then action is taken when the complaint reaches the RBI. Complaints in these cases can also be made to the Banking Customer Ombudsman. The complaint repair numbers of the bank in question are given for the complaint of the bank employee. Apart from this, you can also complain about the bank employee before the Bank Customer Ombudsman.

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You can also make a claim to the corresponding bank by calling the toll-free number 14448.

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If you want to complain about any bank, you can complain by visiting the website. Along with this, you can also send an email to CRPC@rbi.org.in. You can also file a complaint with the relevant bank by calling toll free number 14448 from any corner of India. For each bank’s report, you can also register a report by calling that bank’s toll-free number. For example, if you want to make a complaint about any State Bank of India employee, you can contact the toll free numbers 18004253800 and 1800112211.

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