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Aptos pushes Polkadot down the development ranks despite APT… money moguls


  • Aptos scored higher than Polkadot in daily development activity.
  • The APT price may decline further as the ADX remains weak.

fit (APT)The project, created with the goal of processing 150,000 transactions per second, ranked first in terms of daily development activity on February 19.

According to Proof’s GitHub, the milestone meant Aptos moved Moles (DOT) Long-term growth by metric.

Reading Aptos (APT) Price Prediction 2023-2024

In just a few weeks, DOT has been leader in thisas well as Cardano (ADA) Pushing him to second place on several occasions.

Although it was a close decision between APT and DOT, the minimal margin showed that Aptos’ supremacy over others has not been broken. But what has been the driving force behind the shootings?

contributing to

Interestingly, the boost was made possible by the way the developers at Aptos increase your inputAccording to Sentiment, the number of contributors to development activity has peaked in recent days. As of February 18, the metric came in at 20.87.

And this despite the fact that Aptos did not announce any notable updates. Additionally, at press time, Aptos’ on-chain volume had risen to 534.84 million.

Volume describes the total number of tokens that pass through the network on a daily basis. Therefore, the spike implies that many tokens were exchanged by wallets through the Aptos network in the last 24 hours.

Source: Feeling

Despite the growth in the aspects mentioned above, there was some consistency with APT that couldn’t be ignored. for reference, heavy feeling It has been in the same place since February 10.

Weighted sentiment estimates the performance of most posts on a social network.

Price of Aptos and Weighted Quotation

Source: Feeling

But since their status is low, it means that APT rarely receives social attention. At press time, the APT token was trading at $14.29. So what should token holders expect in the near term?

apt: low optimism

Based on the four hour chart, APT volatility had dropped to extremely low levels as shown by the Bollinger Bands. However, the APT price touched the lower band, indicating oversold conditions, and is subject to a tight trading pattern.

How many Today’s value 1,10,100 Apt?

In terms of momentum, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) stood at 45.71, trending neutral. In terms of direction, the APT could possibly move further into the bearish zone as the -DMI (red) has eliminated the +DMI (green) position.

But the Average Directional Index (ADX) stood at 12.35. ADX (yellow) describes directional strength, and a value of 25 and above indicates strong. Since the value of ADX was low, it was inferred that there was no solid support for either the bulls or the bears.

Aptos Price Action (APT)

Source: TradingView


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