AirAsia Offer | Air travel has become cheaper, travel across the country in just 1400, hurry to book money moguls

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Delhi: There is good news for air travelers. Air Asia India from the country Tata Group has brought you the offer of cheap air travel. The Tata Group airline, AirAsia India (AIX Connect), has started the summer sales. Under this company, passengers will get cheap tickets on routes like Mumbai-Chennai. The price of these tickets starts from just Rs 1400 and those interested can take advantage of this offer only until February 24, traveling from March 12 to September 30, 2023. Know until when you can take advantage of this offer…

You can take advantage of the airline’s summer sales

The airline sale is available on the AirAsia India website, AirAsia India iOS and Android mobile apps. The UAE also took advantage of this in other booking channels. Tata Neu members can take advantage of 8% NeuCoins to book tickets via the airline’s Tata Neu website and app. If you are planning to go on a summer vacation, you can take advantage of the airline’s summer sale. AirAsia India operates direct flights to Kochi, Srinagar and Goa from all major cities in the country. In addition, there are also flights available to Guwahati and Imphal. AirAsia India operates 50 direct flights and 100 connecting flights to 19 cities in the country.

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opportunity to travel by plane cheap

The company recently announced the launch of flights from Surat in Gujarat and direct flights to Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata from March 3, 2023. Earlier, the country’s largest airlines Indigo and Vistara also provided the opportunity for air travel. cheap for passengers Indigo had a winter sale in December where flight tickets were available for just Rs 2023. This cell ran from 23 to 25 December 2023. Later in the new year, in January, Vistara launched its 8th anniversary sale , in which the airline’s passengers could fly for just Rs 1,899.

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