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Air India started hiring after 470 Boeing aircraft Boeing agreed to the highest salary for pilots up to Rs 2 crore money moguls



Air India has started recruiting employees at various ranks and functions.
For special aircraft, the company offers salaries of up to Rs 2 crores to experienced pilots.
Cabin crew, ground crew, security and other technical positions are being recruited.

New Delhi. Air India, India’s leading airline in the era of worldwide downsizing (Air India Recruitment) The contracting process for 470 new aircraft has begun. Ahead of delivery of 470 Boeing and Airbus aircraft, Air India is recruiting employees in various ranks and roles. According to Business Today news, during recruitment, salary packages of up to Rs 2 crore were offered for some roles.

The airline is recruiting a pilot for the ‘B777’ aircraft and is looking to pay more than Rs 2 crore a year for the position. The airline offers jobs ranging from B737 NG/MAX type-rated pilots to first officers for the high-end capable B777 fleet.

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Salary up to Rs 2 crore for experienced pilots
Air India will pay Rs 17,39,118 per month to interested pilots, annually this salary is more than Rs 2 crore. The CEO of the company, who understands the aviation sector, said that due to the lack of good pilots in the aviation industry, the company is offering huge salary packages for specific roles. Mark Martin told Business Today: “Due to a worldwide pilot shortage, there is a growing demand for qualified pilots with at least 5,000 to 7,000 hours in specialty aircraft.”

Opportunities for cabin crew and ground staff too
Opportunities are available for many roles, including cabin crew, ground crew, security, and other technical positions on the company’s website. Let us tell you that Air India has recently made history by delivering 470 state-of-the-art airliners.

Air India had not placed any orders for new aircraft since 2006, but now it has placed such a large order after 16 years. Air India has signed the world’s largest aircraft purchase agreement with Boeing of the United States and Airbus of France.

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