9.50% interest Wow! FD or return box, for how many days the deposit will get this interest, know money moguls

New Delhi. If you want a safe investment, you can get FD at the bank. By the way, FD at the bank or at the post office has been the most popular investment option in terms of security. But due to low interest rates, people were losing interest. Now, following the RBI’s repo rate hike, banks have also raised interest rates on time deposits. Because the investor trend is once again rising towards him. Today we are going to talk once again about a bank where you can get up to 9% interest, while seniors will get 9.50% interest. So let’s know about it…

Unity Small Finance Bank is one such bank, granting an interest rate on FDs of up to 9% to ordinary depositors. While seniors will get 50 bps of additional interest. Which means that the elderly time deposit account holder at this bank is earning a return of up to 9.50 percent per year.

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Bank FD Returns for the general public
According to information available on the Unity Small Finance Bank website, the private lending bank offers an interest rate of 8.75 percent on fixed-term deposits of 181 to 201 days. The FD rates offered by the bank on normal time deposits for 501 days are 8.75 percent. However, on fixed deposits with a term of 1001 days, Unity Small Finance Bank offers a fixed deposit interest rate of 9 percent.

How much interest will seniors receive?
Like any other bank, Unity Small Finance Bank offers an additional interest rate of 50 bps on fixed deposits for seniors. This means that if a senior obtains FD for 181 to 201 days and 501 days at Unity Small Finance Bank, interest of 9.25 percent per annum will be awarded. However, on a senior time deposit account with a term of 1001 days, the time deposit rate offered by this bank is 9.50 percent.

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