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8-seater off-road car | You want to buy an 8-seater SUV, see the list here money moguls


Photo: MAHINDRA, TOYOTA, LEXUS Learn about the 8-seater SUV car

These days the demand for vehicles is increasing in the market. There are many SUV and XUV vehicles available in the market. You can buy a perfect vehicle for you based on your choice and budget. Speaking of SUV vehicles, they have many facilities. Provides comfort as well as security. There are many types of SUV cars available in the market, from small to large. If you have a large family and want to buy an 8-seater SUV, then we will guide you about them.

Nowadays there is a lot of demand for 6 or 7 seater cars in the Indian market. Faced with such a situation, today we are going to talk about 8-seater SUVs. Other than family, you can also use these cars for business use. There are many 7-seater SUVs in the Indian market. Even if you go to the showroom, you will see that many cars will tell you that. Apart from Mahindra SUVs, our list also includes vehicles like Mahindra Marazzo and Lexus LX. Let’s get acquainted with the characteristics of these cars.

mahindra marazo

Although the sale of Mahindra Marazzo has not been much, but if you talk about the facilities available in this car, then you will also go crazy. The price of this SUV starts from Rs 13 lakh 41 thousand. The most important thing is that you will get 8 seats in it. You will get this option only on its base M2 variant. In this one, you have the option of 1.5 liter diesel engine.

The Marazzo has a mileage of 17.3 kmpl depending on the variant and fuel type. Its length is 4585 mm, width 1866 mm and wheelbase 2760 mm.

Toyota Innova Crystal

The most popular name in the multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) segment is Toyota’s Innova Crysta. Nowadays many cars have come to the Indian market but many people still like this SUV. The 8 seats available in this car meet the needs of most people. You will get this variant at an ex-showroom price of 18 lakh 14 thousand. You have a 2.7 liter gasoline engine in this vehicle.

Lexus LX

The SUV can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.7 seconds. You also get 8 seats in this SUV. Talking about its engine, it gets a 5663 cc engine. The Lexus LX measures 5,100mm long, 1,990mm wide and 1,895mm^3mm high. Its cost is around 2.63 crores.

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