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5 real problems with electric cars in India Why people do not buy electric vehicles see all the details money moguls



If you want to buy an electric car, then you have fewer options.
Electric cars cannot be taken on long journeys.
Electric cars are very expensive right now, so there will be no savings.

5 real electric car problems: Now the demand for electric cars is increasing in the country. Many state governments, including the Center, are making a lot of efforts at their respective levels to promote electric vehicles. Car companies are also focusing on electric vehicles. Despite this, sales of electric vehicles are lower than expected. People also hesitate before buying them.

If you are also thinking about buying an electric car, then these 5 questions may worry you. These are the questions that arise in the mind of every person who buys a car.

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What car to buy?
If you want to buy an electric car up to Rs 10 lakh, then you only have one option. Tata Tiago EV. On the other hand, there are plenty of gasoline car options up to Rs.10 lakh. This includes hatchbacks, subcompact sedans, crossovers, and micro SUVs. However, there are a limited number of people who can buy the car for more than this price. However, in the coming times, many electric car options can be found even within 10 lakhs.

Where will the vehicle be loaded?
An electric car can be good for the city, but for people who occasionally take long trips, driving an electric car can be a troublesome task. Because right now there is no proper arrangement of charging infrastructure on the road. Yes, if you have to go home and to the office, then there is no problem.

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Why buy an expensive electric car?
Electric cars are very expensive right now. If you don’t drive long distances every day, it will take many years to recoup the cost you can save on gasoline and diesel. Electric cars are better only if their daily operation is higher. Otherwise, it will take many years to recoup the high price you paid. This situation can be more expensive than spending on gasoline.

Who will buy an old electric car?
Is it still unknown what the demand for an electric car will be in the second-hand car market? Apart from this, another concern is whether the resale value of electric cars will be the same as regular gasoline and diesel cars now.

How long will the car battery last?
Most companies give an eight-year warranty on the battery. There are a lot of terms and conditions on this too. Battery costs are coming down, it’s still the most expensive part of an electric car. It can cost a lot to replace. Spending money to repair or replace a battery can be a big hit on the budget.

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